Designing strategy fueled websites for online entrepreneurs

I'm passionate about helping service based businesses attract dream clients and sell with ease. And creating strategy fueled websites that showcases your offers in the best way is my jam.

Your Showit Designer

But I wasn't always one. I started out as a Pinterest Manager, and I worked with clients who were getting good traffic from Pinterest but barely any conversion because their websites just didn't reel in their target audience.

I did share website edit suggestions, but most just didn't have the time or the technical know-how to make these changes to their websites.

So I set out to help them with this issue, so they can have a strategic website that looks good and converts, and one they can easily make changes to if need be. (Showit makes this possible!)

And the rest they say is history!

hi there! I'm Etinosa

My mission is to help creative entrepreneurs, like you, build a website that attracts ideal clients, shows off your vision and makes it easier to sell your offers.

Strategic Design

Pretty is nice, but it only surface level. When I design websites, I work to make designs that look good, and are also strategically designed, keeping user experience and UI design in mind.

Coupled with my marketing experience, the combination of all these really makes a difference in your websites design and conversion rate.

When we work together, I learn more about your business, what you have on ground, your current marketing strategy, and more so I can make a website for your business that showcases your expertise and also your personality.


My Values

The world would be a much better place if we're all kind to each other, and approach things with empathy. This is a rule I work to apply in business and my life in general.


I'm all in when it comes to working with my clients. I push for their success and work collaboratively with them to build a great online home for their business.

All In

 I'm all about community and collaboration over competition. I believe there is space for everyone. And great things are born when we truly collaborate with each other.


Why Showit?

I've tried and been exposed to several platforms like Wordpress, Squarespace, Weebly etc. and so far Showit comes out on top to me.

It's a fully customizable (no coding required!) web design platform, and coupled with it's WordPress integration for blogging, great user interface, and the ability to customize both the desktop and mobile views individually, it's an absolute winner to me.

This also makes it easy for clients to make simple edits to their websites, without worrying about learning code or breaking their website.

Showit also has great customer service and extensive help docs. You can sign up for a free trial to check out the Showit platform and see for yourself.

if you're wondering

Ready for some fun facts?


I'm a foodie and I love to watch people cook different types of foods, and drool over foods I know I probably would never make 😅😂. It's one of my guilty pleasures.

Cooking vlogs + Me = 💜

I wanted to be several things growing up 😂. I went on to study Chemical Engineering, started freelancing while in college, got my degree and decided to go full time with my online business.

Dream occupation

Especially science fiction & fantasy books. Got hooked at an early age and never looked back. I'm currently reading Noor by Nnedi Okorafor.

I love to read books.

Having a website that speaks to your ideal clients and makes it easier for you to sell your offers isn't a dream. Let's achieve this together. I've got you!

Ready to go all in?